We offer a range of very solid roller conveyors in various designs with solid rollers or simple design for small loads.

Roller conveyors for sawing machines

Roller conveyors for sawing machines are robust steel profile constructions. The surface is properly ground and covered with plastic. You will receive our roller conveyors in a width of 300 mm with a length of 1 m up to 6 m.  The add-on side can be right or left depending on customer requirements. The standard height of the roller conveyor is 910 mm and is adjustable.

Feeding roller conveyors

Our feeding roller conveyors are without stop systems, mostly at the clamping vice side of the machine. 

Discharge roller conveyor

Discharge roller conveyors are equipped with a stopper and a length measuring system with tandem slide for a precise adjustment available either with measuring tape and 1/10 mm vernier or with digital readout. The pivot arm can be folded up.