As a special service, we offer you the re-sharpening of your saw blades. Afterwards, the cutting performance is partially up to 150 % higher than the output of saw blades of conventional re-sharpening services. As a result, in the life time cycle of one saw blade only costs savings of € 300.00 and more can be achieved, because the need for new saw blades is moreover drastically reduced due to the longer working life.    

Quality, output, piece costs - all this is depending on the choice of the right saw blade. The workpiece dimensions, the material, but also the capacity of the sawing unit and the cooling and lubrication of the saw blade have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, system competence is required.

The base material of the saw blade, the coating, the number of teeth and in particular the shape of teeth, in the optimum combination for the application, lead at the final count to minimal piece costs and optimum quality.   

Examinations of RSA have shown that usually ordinary re-sharpening services only reach 50 % of the working life of new saw blades. Subsequently we have looked for - and found - ways how to increase the working life of re-sharpened saw blades up to 80 %.  Part of the secret is to reduce the surface roughness on the saw blade tooth during re-sharpening. In addition, each blade is inspected before delivery. Within the scope of 100 % control tooth shape, surface roughness of the teeth and the run-out are checked.